Premium Marketing

Why Premium Marketing?

In a competitive market, one of the primary ways that a client experiences the benefit of a professional management relationship is by the quality of the marketing. 

Maximum Exposure

One reason that clients choose to partner with Cotton Property Management rather than to self-manage is due to the fact that exposure on a vast number of websites will produce better outcomes.  More exposure leads to more interest.  More interest leads to more candidates.  More candidates means we can be careful to select only the most qualified residents, not settling for the first person who knocks on the door.  In addition to our own website, we currently advertise on more than (45) different rental websites including some of the most popular ones such as Zillow, Hotpads, and many more!

Professional Photography

While you may have a beautiful home, without quality, professional photography it may appear mediocre at best.  Our photographers will ensure that all of the home’s unique features are showcased in crisp, high resolution images, shot with proper lighting, utilizing the most advanced features and settings available.  Sometimes the order of the photos and choosing to omit certain less  than desirable features of the home will increase our odds of success and these are just a few of the many benefits when using professional photography.

Video Tours

In a growing marketplace like Wilmington, NC, we have many folks moving from out of state who may not have the luxury of physically walking through a home prior to renting it.  We want to ensure that everyone is able to tour your home whether they are in our area or coming from out of state.  It can be difficult to get a sense of the space from photos alone and many would-be residents are hesitant to sign a lease on a property they’ve never seen before.  Having a video tour creates greater confidence and increases the likelihood of leasing out your home when someone is unable to schedule a tour for any reason.

Floor Plans

Many residents may have special needs and considerations to be made when caring for an elderly parent, managing a household with children or a special needs individual.  Prospective tenants really appreciate being able to reference a floor plan which more clearly demonstrates the layout of the home more than pictures alone are able to accomplish.

We’ve chosen to invest in providing floor plans for our rentals and doing so enables us to lease out the properties more quickly as residents are able to self-serve and self-select whether the property suits their particular needs and to learn even if their furniture will fit in the new space in advance.

Premium Marketing Package