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Getting your home “Rent Ready”

We strive to earn our clients the highest rent rates that the market will allow and it stands to reason that the residents who will be renting the home (and paying top dollar) will expect it to be maintained to high standards. In an effort to deliver what our residents expect and to begin the relationship on good footing, we have comprised the following list to ensure that the home is as attractive as possible. The following are items that should be addressed prior to move-in: 

• ALL personal belongings to be removed from the premises. Homeowners often leave cleaning supplies, paper products, etc. in the home in an effort to save the incoming residents some money. Over the years we have found that residents MUCH prefer to move into an empty home. Exceptions to this include touch-up paint, air filters, and extra flooring or shingles. These items are best left stored in a garage, attic, or utility building. 

• All nails, screws and mounting hardware should be removed from walls. All holes are to be patched and all paint should be touched up and in good condition. 

• Home needs to be professionally cleaned, or “Hotel Clean”. 

• Carpets need to be professionally cleaned with truck mounted equipment. 

• Have the proper amount of smoke alarms and CO2 detectors installed. NC GS 42-42 (5)-(7) requires Landlords to provide operable smoke alarms, one in each bedroom and in adjoining hallways. If there is a garage, fireplace, or fossil burning fuel in the home C02 detectors are required on each level of the home as well. All alarms/detectors must be less than 10yrs of age and contain 10-yr lithium batteries. 

• All air filters need to be changed. 

• Door stops should be installed on all doors. 

• Operable and locking windows and doors – for safety purposes. 

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• Blinds or acceptable window coverings are to be provided and should be fully functional and not damaged or defective in any way. 

• Lawncare – Should be mowed for the last time no more than 1 week prior to move-in date 

Owner’s Representation about the condition of appliances and other equipment: Owner hereby represents that all appliances, electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, heating system, smoke detectors, security systems, garage door openers, and any remotes are in good working order. All equipment left on property is in good working order and Owner understands that he/she has authorized agent to keep the same in working order during resident’s occupancy of the property. All personal property left behind is done at the owner’s risk and Agent is not responsible for tracking it.

Other Considerations:

• Leave all utilities on (power, water/sewer, gas) and residents will transfer them prior to move-in. 

• Provide (4) working key copies for any and all locks – (please remove any padlocks) 

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